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RNAGlib (RNA Geometric Library) is a Python package for studying models of RNA 3D structures.

Core Features

  • Quick access to all available RNA 3D structures with annotations

  • Rich functionality for 2.5D RNA graphs, point clouds, and voxels

  • RNA graph visualization

  • Machine Learning benchmarking tasks

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Associated Repositories

RNAmigos : a research paper published in Nucleic Acid Research that demonstrates the usefulness of 2.5D graphs for machine learning tasks, exemplified onto the drug discovery application.

VeRNAl : a research paper published in Bioinformatics that uses learnt vector representations of RNA subgraphs to mine structural motifs in RNA.


  1. Leontis, N. B., & Zirbel, C. L. (2012). Nonredundant 3D Structure Datasets for RNA Knowledge Extraction and Benchmarking. In RNA 3D Structure Analysis and Prediction N. Leontis & E. Westhof (Eds.), (Vol. 27, pp. 281–298). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-25740-7\_13

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