Source code for rnaglib.representations.point_cloud

import torch
import numpy as np

from rnaglib.representations import Representation

def get_point_cloud_dict(rna_graph, features_dict, sort=False):
    This is factored out because this computation is also used by the voxel based representation.

    :param rna_graph:
    :param features_dict:
    node_names = []
    res_dict = {'point_cloud_coords': []}
    if "nt_features" in features_dict:
        res_dict['point_cloud_feats'] = []
    if "nt_targets" in features_dict:
        res_dict['point_cloud_targets'] = []

    node_iterator =
    node_iterator = sorted(node_iterator) if sort else node_iterator
    for node, attrs in node_iterator:
        node_coords = attrs['C5prime_xyz']
        node_coords = torch.as_tensor(np.array(node_coords, dtype=float))
        if "nt_features" in features_dict:
        if "nt_targets" in features_dict:

    # for key, value in res_dict.items():
    #     print(key, [val.shape for val in value])
    stacked_res_dict = {key: torch.stack(value, dim=0) for key, value in res_dict.items()}
    stacked_res_dict['point_cloud_nodes'] = node_names
    return stacked_res_dict

[docs]class PointCloudRepresentation(Representation): """ Converts RNA into a point cloud based representation """ def __init__(self, hstack=True, sorted_nodes=True, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.hstack = hstack self.sorted_nodes = sorted_nodes pass def __call__(self, rna_graph, features_dict): return get_point_cloud_dict(rna_graph=rna_graph, features_dict=features_dict, sort=self.sorted_nodes) @property def name(self): return "point_cloud"
[docs] def batch(self, samples): """ Batch a list of point cloud samples :param samples: A list of the output from this representation :return: a batched version of it. """ pc_batch = {} for key, value in samples[0].items(): if self.hstack: if key == 'point_cloud_nodes': pc_batch[key] = [node_id for sample in samples for node_id in sample[key]] else: pc_batch[key] =[sample[key] for sample in samples], dim=0) else: pc_batch[key] = [sample[key] for sample in samples] return pc_batch